Information and Confidentiality

All information you provide to CJSSA is strictly confidential.  Staff and volunteers are bound by law and Service policies and procedures not to divulge any information provided by you, without your permission.

For a copy of the Privacy Policy, Contact 08 83845222, email us at [email protected]


CJSSA recognises the importance of, and is committed to, protecting and upholding the privacy and rights of individuals, in relation to your personal information.  When collecting your personal information,

Reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that you are aware of:

Our clients have the following rights when dealing with our service:

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Grievance Policy

CJSSA has a client grievance process, which invites clients to address any grievance that they may have in relation to any of our offices, should this become necessary.

Complaints or grievances may be addressed in writing to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Community Justice Services SA Ltd
Head Office
40 Beach Road

Client complaints will be handled in a confidential and efficient manner. Whenever possible we will endeavour to deal with any client grievances within fourteen working days.

In the event a complaint or grievance is not able to be resolved internally, clients may contact The Health & Community Services Complaints Commissioner on (08) 8226 8666 or Country SA 1800 232 007.

For a copy of the Grievance Policy, Contact 08 83845222, email us at [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

Community Justice Services SA Ltd (CJSSA) welcomes your feedback and encourages you to post comments, suggestions and questions on CJSSA website. CJSSA has a moderation policy to protect all users of our social media presences.

CJSSA reserves the right to reproduce, publish and use any and all parts of any comments, suggestions and questions posted on our social media presences in any way it sees fit.

You should not post any material that a reasonable person would consider:

Posts on CJSSA social media sites will be moderated before they appear. If CJSSA becomes aware of a post that breaches CJSSA’s moderation policy, we may remove it.

Notwithstanding any moderation, CJSSA cannot be held responsible for the comments posted on its social media presences. No reliance should be placed on any comments. CJSSA does not endorse, approve or promote any comments appearing on its social media presences, nor the authors thereof.

Where CJSSA removes content that is in breach of this Moderation Policy, the user will be informed by email. Continual breaches of this moderation policy may result in users being banned from the site


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Strategic Plan

CJSSA Strategic Plan